Chemin has a Pilot Plant and R&D facility for client’s sample effluent testing. You give us a sample load of the effluent from your plant and we will process it in our Pilot plant.

We will process your sample effluent and demonstrate to you how our ZLD plant can effectively give desired output. This actually gives you tremendous confidence on the expected delivery before you invest in the plant. Also it helps us design the plant precisely for your needs.

Zero liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a process wherein you completely eliminate liquid discharge from the system. The goal of any well designed ZLD system is to minimize the volume of wastewater in an economically feasible manner, while also producing a clean stream suitable for reuse elsewhere in the facility. Interest in ZLD technology has grown in the Industrial manufacturing sector over the past decade. Industries are beginning to explore ZLD because of ever tightening waste water disposal regulations, company mandated green initiative, public perception of industrial impact on the environment and concern over the quality and quantity of the water supply.

CES provides turnkey solutions for zero liquid discharge, which includes the processes like pre-treatment followed by evaporation & drying. Based on the effluent characteristics CES designs the process of treatment to recycle 100% water and recovery of mixed salts.

All this can be experienced in our Pilot plant before you invest in the facility in your own plant.