Volute Press

Volute Press – sludge dewatering machine is a kind of economic and environmental friendly sludge dewatering equipment. It is a new type of sludge extrusion dewatering equipment which uses the principle of screw extrusion, through the strong squeezing force generated by the change of screw diameter and screw pitch, and the tiny gap between the floating ring and the fixed ring, to realize solid-liquid separation.

Our volute press sludge handling systems are structured with a filter element consisting of a fixed ring, a moving ring and a screw to thrust and pressurize the sludge. With the help of volume compression, the sludge is thickened and dewatered.

CES Volute Press systems reduce footprint and manpower for cleaning and maintenance. It is therefore no doubt that they are economically and environmentally friendly.

Since it is also made of corrosion resistant material, it is recognized as one of the most effective methods for sludge removal or treatment.

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  • Features
  • High resistance to oily sludge
  • Small footprint
  • Power saving
  • Easy operation / easy maintenance
  • Low noise / low vibration