Paddle / Sludge Dryer

Paddle Dryers commonly known as Sludge Dryer follow the Thermal drying principle. It is an intermediate sludge treatment process that consists of evaporating the water in the sludge. It significantly reduces the volume and weight of the sludge so that it is easier to recover and later dispose.

The dryer uses steam or heat-conducting oil as a heating medium. The heating medium is divided into two parts; which is fed into the dry shell jacket and shaft cavity, wherein the body from the outside and the spindle from the inside are heated at the same time.

The sludge is continuously sent to the dryer feeding port by the conveyor. Through the rotation of the spindle, the sludge is turned and stirred while the heating interface is constant. The sludge is in contact with the body and the spindle which are fully heated, making the surface water evaporate while the sludge moves forward.

At the same time, with the rotation of the shaft, the sludge moves along a spiral path to the discharge port. As it is kept rotating and stirring till the delivery, the moisture that is exuded from the sludge, continues to evaporate. Finally, the dry and uniform product is discharged from the dryer in the form of granules.

As the product moves from one end to the other, the moisture is removed with the help of the heating medium which is usually steam or thermic fluid. Our paddle dryers are designed to prevent the product from sticking to the surface and thus are self-cleaning in nature. Our paddle dryers offer high heat transfer efficiency and product recovery rate. The equipment also has a compact structure so it occupies less space. Due to its low / negligible maintenance requirements – our paddle dryers are the preferred choice in the market.

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  • Specifications
  • MOC : MS, SS304 & SS316
  • Heating Media : Steam / Thermic oil
  • Capacity : 50 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr