Flash Dryer

These equipments are used to dry moist powders. Air is heated to pre-desired temperatures and introduced on the wet feed; heat is used for drying and the air for pneumatically conveying the dry powder, which gets collected into cyclones and bag filter.

This is a system in which the product to be dried is fed by means of screw conveyor into the flash drying venturi. The high velocity drying air passes through the venturi comes in contact with the feed product and accelerates the product through the drying duct. The entire drying process taken place while the product travels through the duct and the dried product is separated from the air by a high efficiency cyclone separator and Bag filters.

Flash dryers are the most economical for drying solids that have been de-watered or inherently have low moisture content. Also known as “pneumatic dryers,” they are the simplest gas suspension dryers with the smallest footprint. A single operation provides mixing, heat transfer, and mass transfer to dry a solid. Residence time within the dryer is very short, usually less than three seconds, producing almost immediate surface drying.

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