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We have our own R&D Team to continuously work on new development projects.

At CES, we have the complete in house Research & Development set up, for the MEE and ATFD process along with Skilled and Trained professionals for the continuous R&D process.

We have made a pilot plant set up through which the customers effluent samples can be fed in to the Pilot Plant evaporator and the final desired output can be achieved through the Pilot Plant ATFD.

* Features of the R&D set up.

  • Well equipped with latest machineries and fabricated components
  • Vast space
  • Trained Personnel
  • Any industrial effluent can be fed to the ZLD System

Also presently we are working to get the Central Government’s DSIR( Department of Scientific & Industrial Research)  certification which is a complete recognition for the R&D and Tax benefits.

CES also allocates budget to R&D every year for regular R&D assignments.

Some of our own R&D products like, Paddle Dryer, Spray Dryer etc.

Executed R&D Product

  • Sludge Dryer

Ongoing R&D Products

  • Spray Dryer
  • Screw Dryer