Mr. Prakash Narayanan

Chemin Enviro Systems was founded by Mr. Prakash Narayanan who had an extensive understanding of waste-water treatment plants. He currently serves as the Managing Director of the company. Over the years, Mr. Prakash Narayanan has built CES with his team of professionals and technocrats into a company that can provide the best ZLD solutions across a plethora of industries. With innovation and quality at its heart, CES is now a force to reckon with. CES is also recognized as a provider of path breaking technologies in the industry.

With a background in Chemical Engineering, Mr. Prakash is a thoroughbred professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of water and waste water management. Today, he supervises and stirs the company’s strategy, operations, people and ventures in order to maintain and grow CES.

Prakash Narayanan

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